Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Imagine a bird’s eye view of Queenstown including the lake and surrounding mountains…. That’s what I was able to experience today! After Lelo got off work, we headed to the Gondola before climbing. It was a very cool experience and we enjoyed being typical tourists for a day.
note the bungee jumper on the right:
one of the views
me and lelo, my queenstown climbing mate

Then, of course, we headed to the boulders. We met up with a couple more Brazilians and a cool German girl and spent the afternoon at Jardines, the main local bouldering area. It was my 3rd day in a row climbing, after not climbing in quite a while. Needless to say, my body was pretty thrashed but my mind stayed in the game. Lelo showed me some new climbs and I was SUPER PSYCHED! The climbs that stood out were 2 roof climbs that he found. I’m a sucker for completely overhung roof climbs… they are my absolute favorite type of climbing. I just wish I was fresh, because fresh skin was required for these climbs! However, I had a blast working out the moves and figuring out the sequence. I can’t wait to someday go back and connect with these rocks!

um bom problema:
the beautiful view from the boulderfield:

Oh, and last night I started learning Portuguese, the language of Brazilians. I’ve never been interested in languages until I started traveling, and now I constantly crave to learn as many languages as possible. It’s funny how we (as humans) become interested in things through life experiences… I used to hate school and considered dropping out of college, but it was mainly because I wasn’t interested in the subject matter at that time. But now I’m interested in so many things – if only I could go back in time and pay attention in class! Now I relate all subjects to either art, climbing, or traveling – and they area all connected, really. Everything is related in this world! What a cool thought!

A vida é bela.


  1. Loving your new blog, Ash. And I realllly want to go to NZ now!

  2. great wisdom in that last paragraph