Tuesday, December 7, 2010


[Sorry for the late update – I haven’t found internet for the past day]

Here is what I wrote in my journal from day one, the day I flew to New Zealand.

3:30pm. Brisbane International Airport. It is eerily quiet. The silence perpetuates thought.

The process of getting to the airport and finding my way around was easier than expected. It is actually quite simple. Check in, check bags, and go through security… why did I think it was so complicated?! Why am I so afraid of airports!? You see, I’ve had a fear of airports for years now…. And I’d never even think about traveling alone. However, today… right now… my fear of airports is dying. There really is nothing to be afraid of. From this point forward, I will no longer be afraid or stressed about airports. It hasn’t even been 30 minutes since I’ve began my travels and I’ve already grown as a person!

I arrived in Christchurch at 1am, picked up my one big pack, and proceeded to customs. Everything went as planned, So, since I needed to get into town, I followed signs for the taxis and shuttles, and took one straight to my destination for the night: my couchsurfing host. Couchsurfing.com is a website where you can find people to host you in your desired cities. It is a great way to meet interesting locals and travel cheaply (as it is free). When I arrived, there were two other Couchsurfing girls staying there, one from France and the other from Germany… not to mention an old couchsurfing guy who was actually renting a room! It was a full house, and everyone was from somewhere different… America, France, Germany, England, New Zealand…. Man, I love traveling and meeting new people. =)

My main goal of traveling and studying abroad is to grow as a person and see things from a new perspective. I’ve been in living and studying in Australia and I’ve grown up more in the 5 months I’ve been there than I have in 5 years. It truly has been such a great experience and has allowed me to become more independent and in control of my life. I have a plan.

I am hoping for this NZ trip to open my eyes even more to what’s out there. I constantly long for inspiration for my art and motivation for my climbing. Let’s see if NZ meets my desires. Tomorrow: CASTLE HILL!

the lush forest walls i was greeted with upon arrival in NZ:

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