Friday, December 3, 2010

NZ here I come!

Hey there.

Ashley "Badash" Hamilton may know me as the artist, climber, or raw vegan, but I am also turning into quite the traveler.

I just spontaneously bought a ticket to New Zealand.

I found myself becoming quite jealous of all my study abroad friends who were making their way over to New Zealand. I kept telling myself that I didn't have enough money to go, as I am also traveling to various other places in the near future and wanted to save every penny. However, I kept regretting not going, and i found myself becoming obsessed with the idea of experiencing New Zealand.

I realized that if I want to go somewhere bad enough, I just have to stop making excuses and just GO.

So that's what I am planning to do.

Castle Hill, the place that initially attracted me to NZ

I booked my tickets from December 7 - 17. It will be my first time traveling alone. I am actually terrified of traveling alone, but I am ready to push my boundaries and grow up a little. I have a feeling that this experience will be extremely liberating!

As with every place I travel, I will do and see things that will open my mind to a whole new world. A new perspective. I find that traveling is truly the underlying passion behind all my other passions. Traveling is a way to connect them all.

I thrive on being inspired. Traveling inspires me. It motivates me to climb and inspires my art. Traveling leads to inspiration which is my fuel for creativity. I am hoping to find some rock to connect with and also some more sources of inspiration for my art.

I plan to do a lot of meditation and writing while I'm out there. I will keep a journal of my experiences and do my best to update daily, or whenever i find internet.

So here I go.

10 days.


Stay tuned!


  1. Way to go Ash!!
    Keep pursuing your dreams. They are the foundation of what makes you as a person.

  2. Looks great! Have fun on the rocks.

  3. Day 2 rocks look like a good time. Keep it safe girl.