Monday, April 11, 2011


The other day I went to Uni with a to-do list. I ended up doing NOTHING on my to-do list, and instead, creating a drawing that took over 14 hours!!! I finally finished at 3am. Here are a few pictures of the process:

I start with a simple line drawing
...and then I shade everything in with charcoal!
over half way done!


This piece is a response to the topic we were given in my printmaking class:

I chose the clock as my object because I am fascinated by the idea of time. It has been said that time is Einstein's unfinished revolution, and there are so many questions to be answered: Who created time? What is time? Why does time slow in gravity and motion? Is time a dimension? Can we stop time? And, of course, Does time even exist?

There is so much unknown information about time. In my eyes, time is a mysterious dimension... a parallel universe. After doing exhaustive scientific research, and questioning the existence of time, I decided to take a step back and relate this topic back to nature. It was then that I realized that nature defines time through growth. Spirals, tree rings, and rock layers are nature’s clocks.

What do you think!?

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