Thursday, February 17, 2011


Traveling inspires me. I have never felt happier in my life than when I am experiencing new areas. In some way, traveling reminds me who I really am as a person and my purpose in life.

photo: Elodie Saracco

New areas seem to provide me with new inspirations. These inspirations directly influence my two main passions: art and climbing. I seem to connect all of my experiences back to these two passions. They are really my driving force in life. Traveling is what fuels the fire.

I just returned from traveling in Thailand for 6 weeks. It was absolutely incredible. You can read about my experiences here. (more coming soon!)

So what inspired me in Thailand?

-The friendly Thai people, always smiling and having a good time.

-The twisted roots of the trees, mingling into some sort of network…

-The natural art that appeared on the trunks of the trees.

-The big natural root system that formed into a lifesize spider-shape.

-The bizarre tropical fruit.

-Strong climbers.


-Coral that i found.

…and of course, being reunited with the love of my life after being apart for 7 months:

I connected these inspirations back to all aspects of my life. Art. Climbing. Success. Happiness. My dreams. My ambitions.

Traveling re-inspires me to follow my dreams and achieve my goals.

One of my dreams is to write a book. Well, with the help of traveling, I am currently making a series of inspirational books that connect my two passions: art and climbing. I just finished the first one, which is mainly inspired by climbing. It is basically a very simple, zen book that includes high quality climbing photos paired with profound quotes. The quotes not only address climbing as a get-away, but they also discuss mental states with which everyone struggles including frustration and intimidation... and overcoming it.

I am finishing the final business factors that go along with book publishing, and I will announce the opening of the book sale soon. STAY TUNED! And meanwhile, go do what you love. =)


  1. waouh !! what a great project you have !

  2. I love seeing your adventures and new blog. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This blog post makes me smile every time!